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We're not just an agency

Your Success Matters

We’re a QA company run by actual QA. We want nothing more than for you to succeed in your career goals. We’ve designed our entire company structure around promoting and supporting our QA.

Rewards and Bonuses

With us, when the company your contracted with expresses that you’ve excelled past expectations with your role, you’ll get a bonus. Why shouldn’t you be rewarded for going above and beyond?

Training and Certifications

Do you need a specific certification for a contract? Do you just want to learn something new? Let us know and we’ll help you achieve it. We’re just as tired of overly expensive courses as you are.

On-the-Job Chat Support

Have you ever been on a contract and just… didn’t know what to do? We’ve got you. Our community Discord and Slack channels are always open, filled with QA professionals who are ready and willing to help.

Honesty and Transparency

We’re not going to sugar-coat anything for you. We’ll tell you straight up what’s good, what’s bad, and everything in between. We won’t ghost you, leave you on read, or ignore your calls. You matter, QA matters.

No More Contract Woes

Why stress about contract end dates? Embrace them! We’re revolutionizing the field by handling the transition between projects for you so you don’t have to worry about anything but QA. Let your drive and passion take you as far as you can go.

But why use ForgeQA in the first place?

The truth of the matter is, you could apply to jobs and land contracts yourself. But it’s time-consuming and tedious. We’re here to help. We’ll find the jobs and handle what comes after. Being your advocate, transitioning you to new contracts, helping you network, providing you training, and beyond. We believe in propelling you as high as you can go, wherever you want to go.

A Supportive Community

We have Discord and Slack channels filled with QA of all levels. Network, make friends, learn and grow together, and share successes together. The path to career success doesn't have to be one paved alone!

Less Contract Worries

We're constantly looking for new and exciting jobs for you, even if you're already on one. Once your first job with us ends, you'll onboard your replacement (paid, of course) and have another waiting just for you. You can tell us if you want time off in between or if you want to jump right in, whatever suits you best!

Live, Laugh, QA

We're passionate about QA. It's a fun and exciting field that doesn't get nearly as much visibility as it should. We're the unsung heroes of development and the front-line combatants of crunch time. When all's said and done, we enjoy the thrill of a completed, bug-free product. Let's learn, grow, and succeed - together.

General Questions

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No catch at all! The only way we make money as a company is if we place you in a role. And even then, there's no cost to you. No money taken off your paycheck, no reduction of pay rate - nothing.

If we contract you out to a company and they like you so much that they offer you direct employment, then congratulations! You can choose to take the position with them or remain with ForgeQA. If you stay with us, we'll either put you on another contract or we'll work with the company that wants to retain you to extend your contract with them. Either way, you win!

You can choose to take it or not! Doing so will not prevent us from reaching out in the future if we have any roles that we think you could fill.

We can look into getting you a training or certification in anything you desire, so long as it falls within the QA realm of operation. ISTQB, PMP, Selenium training, Tosca Certs - anything you may want or need, just let us know and we'll talk logistics.

If for any reason you get fired from a contract, we'll work with you to figure out what went wrong and how you can improve. Even before it gets to that point, we'll be reaching out and letting you know if the company contracting you has feedback or criticisms that you could work on.

Benefits are handled through the company contracting you. Some may offer them and some may not. If you only want positions with benefits, let us know!

Ready to Succeed?

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