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Why use forgeqa?

Passionate QA

Our QA are interviewed and pre-vetted for not only experience, but passion for QA and for your products. You want a QA that cares, and so do we.

top-tier training

All QA that we work with have access to any training and certifications you may desire – from ISTQB to PMP to Tricentis Academy and more.

Consistent Support

Every QA you hire has access to the experience, coaching, and support of QA with 5, 10, even 20+ years of experience. All available just a Slack or Discord message away.

Flexible rates

When the contract end date is approaching, we’ll discuss your budget and any changes to the rates you may need. We’re as flexible as you need us to be!


Minimal DOwntime

Let ForgeQA handle contract transitions. Say goodbye to losing knowledge and experience – we take the “con” out of contracts.

more than just qa

Miscommunications between roles often causes delays in development. We have QA cross-functional in BA roles, PM roles, and more to ensure effective and efficient communication at all stages of development.

But really, Why ForgeQA?

Your projects demand a lot of attention and focus already. We understand that. Finding and training QA doesn’t need to add more to your plate. We’ll handle that for you so that you can focus on your project.

Free Onboarding and Training

When your first QA with us comes to the end of their contract, we'll make sure they stay to train their replacement. Oh, and did we mention we'll take on the cost for that extra time?

Less Worries, More Successes

With our vast QA network, you'll always have access to an immense amount of QA experience, ensuring your product is the absolute best it can be. We utilize a QA help chat for our contractors should they have any questions or need any assistance.

Quality QA, Assured

With our exit strategy, the QA you hire will want to work their hardest and their best up until the final seconds of their time with you. We make sure our QA are fully compensated and rewarded for top-notch work, and they know it.

General Questions

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We're fusing the benefits of a full-time employee and ever-evolving field with the benefits of contract work. Our QA are seamlessly transitioned to new and exciting projects so they can learn and grow, while you (the companies) enjoy the same level of experience and consistency while saving on budget. When a contract comes to an end, that QA will onboard and train their replacement at no cost to you. No more awkward conversations about a contract ending due to budget concerns, no more lost knowledge and experience while you search for new QA, and best of all, no more concerns about work quality after you've told a QA their contract is ending.

You definitely could! But why subject yourself and your company to the inconveniences of dealing with timezone differences that are, quite literally, night and day? Not to mention the language barriers you'll likely run into as well. ForgeQA is entirely US-based, so not only are you guaranteed someone who works on your time, you're also supporting the American job market. Who doesn't like that?

We keep our pricing competitive, and will work with you to find out exactly what you need, at exactly the right price.

All our QA use Slack and Discord to keep in contact with each other. We actively discourage QA from using such programs on company computers, and any NDAs will be fully honored. No critical or proprietary data or info will be shared. These chat programs are strictly for QA who may have a question about a methodology or term relating to what they're testing. All QA who use these programs similarly have NDAs signed to not share any data sent or read within the applications.

If you have any issues at all, we will work tirelessly to resolve them. Whether the solution be something as simple as a small training, to something as drastic as replacing your QA resource - we'll be sure you're satisfied and that any gaps or delays are covered or compensated for.

Not to worry! If you fall in love with your QA and really want to keep them, by all means do so! We want our QA to succeed, and if you like them enough to keep them with your permanently, we are nothing but supportive of that!

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